Getting a phone and moving into an apartment (I'm all grown up)

So I moved out of the design hotel Kosenda (was sooo nice) into an apartment in West Jakarta near the Taman Anggrek mall. Going swimming my new pool today :D Anyway, here's what I got up to recently...

Tuesday, 12 January

Just worked on this blog in the morning and relaxed around apartment, did some exercise as well. In the afternoon, around 3 or 4pm, my friend Kartika (IG: @kartikatimur) came to Kosenda. I was hungry so I had ordered food by the time she arrived (forgot to eat breakfast again :p). I had sweet and sour fried fish and a juice. sooo good. Anyway, she arrived and ordered some nasi goreng and we chatted in the design chairs at the lounge area of the hotel. She's small (like 5 feet tall!) but pretty outgoing and really funny.

Finally, we go together to Grand Indonesia to help me buy a local Indonesian phone so that I have access to data when I'm out of the house (my iPhone is still locked by the carrier). We walked over and I snapped some pics of the buildings at night. We wander around in the gadgets district of the mall for a bit. Kartika is asking everyone which phones are best, what you get, how much RAM and such specifications. She's the best! Eventually we decide on one phone manufactured by osmo (I've never heard of them either but it was only 1,200,000 rupiah or like $85... so I was like gimme that shit. They set it up for me and give me an Indonesian number. Sweet. Apparently phone plans in Indonesia are issued as packages, not plans, and usually you pay for usage (in US it's usually like you select a monthly plan). Once we get back to the hotel, Kartika explains this to me and shows me how to use the phone and check my balance and so on. She's frustrated because she had some trouble explaining it hahaha. Anyway, she does some work studying and then leaves because I'm falling asleep.


Wednesday, 13 January

This day was busy. In the morning I packed up all my bags since I'm moving out of Kosenda. I resolved to finally remember to eat properly, so I went downstairs and had a proper breakfast of some fruit and baked eggs and yogurt (delicious as usual haha). And then I went back up to continue packing, shower, get dressed and await my friend Retno (rere) (IG: @r2wie) from Saturday! She comes while I am eating lunch (I have some chinese boneless chicken in sauce and a broth), and she orders an avocado juice ??? Weirdest thing ever!!! it's like liquid guacamole hahaha like a guacamole smoothie. I try explaining to her but she's never had guacamole :( It's thunderstorming also. Anyway, we finish eating and pay and order the uber and bring my things down and hop in. She's chatting and laughing with the driver in Indonesian so every thirty seconds I'm asking her "wait!! what's so funny???". The driver at one point stops to get gas, which is kinda weird I think. Don't think it's ever happened to me anywhere else. And so we arrive at the apartment building, go inside, she talks to the concierge at the desk and he hooks it up with the keys. Sweet.

Go inside, drop off the stuff, and stop sweating! Nice apartment as well. 21st floor, amazing view, super spacious, two bedrooms, modern furnishings, balcony, kitchen... whew. Pool downstairs, sky lounge on the 15th floor. And it's cheaper than Kosenda. No restaurant, cafe, gallery or rooftop bar though.

After chilling at the apartment for a bit, I'm hungry so I make Rere join me to go to the Taman Anggrek mall, just across the street, for food. It's huge and beautiful, really spacious. We take the escalators to the floors with restaurants and decide on japanese food - I get ramen, she gets chicken nuggets and beef strips hahaha. But it turns out she can't really use chopsticks too well, so I try to teach her the best I can although she ends up resorting to the classic stabbing technique ;) The whole meal came to $10 for both of us.

We go to the arcade after, buy the arcade card you use as credits, and play some games. They have the basketball one where it drops all the balls and then you shoot them into a hoop (I won hahaha), a football game like the basketball one, air hockey, and a shooting game. It was REALLY fun, I love arcades. At this point it's rainy really hard again so we get some juice and hang out in the starbucks for a bit, then go back to the apartment and watch TV... and then I'm getting tired so she heads back home around 9. I fall asleep at 3am. Oops.