Sunday, 17 January // Photoshoot in Bogor Pine Forest

Today I accompanied Yost (IG: @yostria), the founder of Westward Works (IG: @westwardworks), as well as Ryan (IG: @diclvx) and Oi (IG: @oiherve) to the pine forest of Bogor (hutan pinus bogor). It was an awesome roadtrip - it takes about 2 hours to Bogor from the Westward Works headquarters and I got to know all of them really well. We snapped some awesome pics for Instagram and for Yost's company.

In the morning, Yost ordered me a car to the Westward Works HQ. It's a beautiful old mansion that used to be owned by a Scottish man who lived in Jakarta, but who left after he had some issues with his Indonesian wife spending too much. I sat down with Yost in the workshop where he had three of his employees cranking out backpacks for his company, Westward Works. He told me all about his inspiration for starting the brand - he actually started it about 7 years ago in college and has been working on it ever since. It's pretty famous here in Indonesia; a lot of the people I mentioned it to already knew about the bags. They're really sturdy, backpacker-style bags. Anyway, I thought his business was really interesting coming from a background at business school and Yost is super entrepreneurial and you can see a really sharp glint of intelligence from his eyes.

Check out some pics I captured in the workshop (and in the yard outside - he has a rambutan tree... so we had some fruit for breakfast):

After we talked for an hour or so, Oi and Ryan came by the mansion. Oi is a lean guy in brown horn rimmed glasses with longish hair and a passion for motorbikes and moto photography. He's really good. Seriously, check out his instagram: @oiherve. Ryan is more heavyset, also horn rimmed glasses, with pretty long hair on the top that he sweeps back. He does a lot of portraiture, he's awesome: @diclvx

We chill for a bit and then jump in the car to get some bebek dada (duck breast). It's really good. It's kind of funny because I'm used to picking up the whole piece of meat and then biting off pieces to chew, but the culture here is to pull it apart with your fingers and grab a bite-sized piece and then scoop some rice and eat that with your hands. It was fun af. 

We head over to Bogor and we chat in the car for a while until I pass out because I'm mad tired. Next thing I know we're at the pine forest. The trees are spaced out so you can see quite far, and many other Indonesian people are here hanging out or picnicing or snapping pics. It's a bit foggy in the distance. We walk around in the forest taking photos and climb a sketchy treehouse (which starts creaking in the wind). We start talking about the creepy Indonesian ghosts and then bounce soon after.

Oi also snapped this really cool photo of me for the Westward Works brand - thanks dude.

On the drive back, we run into serious traffic just outside Bogor. And there are street vendors walking among the cars trying to sell bananas, mangos, coffee, bakso (meatballs), crackers, tea, toys, like really they're going in out there. I thought it was so funny. 

Anyway, we chat in the car and eventually arrive back to Jakarta. We're all hungry, and I really want bakso... so we stop at this bakso place and I really seriously get so much food I'm in a major food coma by the end.

After eating, we head back to the Westward Works HQ and talk for some time until Oi and Ryan drive me back to my apartment. 

Nice meeting you guys and wish you all the best of luck... See you soon hopefully!