Monday, 18 January // Travel to Bandung & Cihampelas Walk

Today, I moved from Jakarta to Bandung. My friend Fia (IG: @lutfiarmdhn) had some free time this week, so I invited her to come accompany me since I was already paying for a hotel and definitely needed an Indonesian guide. Surprisingly, I'm not fluent after ten days. She came by my apartment around 11am and needed to charge her phone so I took that opportunity to pack my luggages.... all my luggages. I have so much stuff now hahaha, I don't know why but I keep buying stuff here. All their clothes and brands are so cool. 

Okay so anyway, let me explain how we travelled because it's super weird. So there's this company called Xtrans. And this company operates like a network of minibuses which are called 'travel' that run from member hotels in one city to the member hotels of another city. So Fia and I took a taxi to a hotel called Kartika Chendra at which Xtrans operates a bus that runs to its member hotel in Bandung called De Batara (which is where we're staying). I'm not gonna lie De Batara is maybe not as nice as Kosenda, but the room is a lot bigger and has a way better view (of the Pasupati Bridge, which is a famous landmark in Bandung). It's just the interior design is like eh. Also the wifi sucks :( So I'm at a Starbucks at Paris Van Java writing this to catch up on the blog (explain in a different post). Fia is just watching me slash playing Tinder trying to find some boys in Bandung. Thanks for being patient lmao.

The Xtrans was really easy, we got some snacks from 7/11 (Chocolate bread lol, sponge crunch - like cocoa puffs but wheels instead of balls, milk candy, and seaweed lays) and munched a bit and then passed out. It actually only took around two hours ??? Really fast. Here's an awkward selfie from the minibus (I was really excited but to be honest I think she looks way more excited than me hahaha. Also idk what I'm doing with my face):

So anyways we arrive to the hotel and have no wifi so we order some food (nasi goreng!!! - it's fried rice) and then go to Cihampelas Walk, a major indoor/outdoor mall and tourist attraction here. It's super cool, crazy architecture and lighting (but whoever picked out the chandeliers has kind of weird taste). We do a bit of shopping and check out Nikes shoes, some , but mostly she accompanies me to get some Wendy's (cheeseburger), Chatime (medium passion fruit green tea with coconut jelly and less sugar less ice), and a haircut (only trim the sides please - also this dude was so good at cutting hair please go to him and tell him I say whats up / thank you aka makasih mas).

I get back to the hotel and watch MTV play Justin Bieber videos until his soothing voice lulls me to sleep.