Tuesday, 19 January // Climb to Tebing Keraton and visit Paris van Java

Okay so today was so fun!!! Shit guys I visited this awesome place in Bandung, it's on top of a mountain, called Tebing Keraton (Keraton Cliffs).

Fia woke my ass up really early (it was like 8am) and we ordered a car to bring us to the start of the path up to the Tebing Keraton location. On the drive up, there are some mansions that belong to rich people - one beautiful mansion in particular that belongs to a rich Chinese who sometimes visits.

There are a lot of motorbike taxi guys (ojek), maybe 20, waiting around hoping for visitors to pay to be comfortably ferried up the path to the entrance of the cliffs... But we choose to walk. The hike up is really nice, it's quite warm - about 25 degrees celsius - but there's a light wind and the air is getting colder as there's a thunderstorm in the distance rolling in. We keep stopping to take photos, so it takes some time to get up to the village that sits at the entrance to the cliffs. For the first few minutes of our hike up, an ojek drives with us trying to convince us to take his services... I think it's so funny. He eventually leaves us be. It's really quiet. Motorbikes sometimes pass us. We see some people tending their fields.

You can follow along our trip up with these photos.

Uhmmm yeah so as you can see the thunderstorm I mentioned kind of keeps getting closer and closer and it gets darker and darker. So we eventually get to the entrance of the Tebing Keraton, it's just a path between two small buildings covered by an archway that connects them. They charge foreigners (bule) five times as much as locals, so I have to pay about $5 - Fia pays $1.

We're starting on the path to the view and the thunderstorm hits, hard. It's like pouring rain. We kind of run back to the entrance to take shelter underneath the arch and snack on our seaweed lays that we picked up the day before on our travel down to Bandung. 

But the rain is coming down so hard that it starts to flood between the buildings. The guards tell us that we can hang out in the break room... which is really just a few rugs, a bee, and a shoeless Indonesian dude snoring in the corner. I'm like pretty much laughing my ass off at this point because the whole situation is so funny to me, and I remember the weather in the morning indicated there was a 100% chance of rain for every one-hour period between 11am and forever. So like I'm pretty confident it's never going to stop. We have to shoo out the bees a few times; I make Fia do it because I'm scared and allergic to wasps. and I don't know the difference lol (don't use this against me please).

Ok so the rain stops. We put our shoes on (no shoes in the break room) and head out to find this view... and it's amazing. The clouds are just barely clearing, it's still drizzling, and we're the only ones here. Just look.

The clouds start to part and we hike back down to the where the ojek gather. By the time we're down again, it's begun raining. I'm really hungry (forgot to eat breakfast whoops) and we sit down at a restaurant / cafe / sketchy random shop next to the ojek and get kareto (like Indonesian kimchi sort of) and nasi goreng as well as kopi arabica and coconut water with sweet honey. There are dogs and cats and bicycles and people and rain and a bunch of grandpas making loud laughter in Indonesian.

We can't find a taxi after we finish eating, so we take an ojek into town to order an Uber and then nap at the hotel until evening, when we came to Paris van Java - another indoor/outdoor mall. We took angkot - like minibus but smaller... It's pouring raining and we have to transfer angkot since the line doesn't go directly to paris van java, but we eventually make it thanks to a nice old woman who guided us. And now I've been working on this blog in the Starbucks here with Fia.