Thursday, 21 January // Pool day and moving to Semarang

Fia (@lutfiarmdhn) left early this morning, around 7am, to go back to Jakarta. My next destination is Semarang, so I make plans with Reza (@rezaajie) and Yoli (@yolitaekasapta) to hang out during the day before my flight at 5:30pm. They pick me up in Yoli's car and we drive to these villas in a residential area of Bandung. We see some kids playing volleyball on the way there. Yoli's dad had discovered a restaurant and pool here when he and his friends were planning a reunion.

We had lunch at the restaurant, called Freddy's Cafe. It was really quiet - we were the only guests - and the large open windows overlooked the pool. 

After we finish eating, we change into our swimsuits and go swim. The water is pretty cold so I don't want to go in... but they push me into the water!!! Rude !!!

Anyway we swim for about an hour and snap a bunch of pics. promise I'm not as pale as I look lmao.

We finish swimming and change into our street clothes. I give Reza a baseball I had bought in Miami as a gift, since we only had such a short time to hang out. And, they're so nice!! they end up giving me a Bali bag and a bracelet/keychain as well. Thank you guys for the nice gifts to remember you by :) 

Yoli and Reza drive me to the airport, which is right near an Indonesian military complex close to the city center, and park the car (which is crazy - it's so crowded and it took forever!). They help me bring my bags to the entrance and wave goodbye. It was sad to say good-bye. Miss you guys already. 

I check in to the airport, and they only have one gate! So I have to wait for them to call out when my airplane is ready to board, but it's only in Indonesian so I'm like trying to listen really closely. Anyways, I'm sitting next to two Chinese guys and we start chatting in Chinese before their flight about where they're from and what they're doing in Indonesia (a small town near Ningbo, here on work). Right after their flight boards there's a delay, and then it's my turn. It's like a one hour flight to Semarang so it's whatever. And I'm walking out on the runway to get to my plane and I look up and this plane literally has propellors. check this thing out:

Ok so anyway I board and we're taking off and it's like shaking and swaying and I can feel gusts of wind pushing this thing around... I'm just thinking like, guys, if I die... at least it's kind of cool ?

Anyway eventually we (sort of) land, I deplane, and meet the host of my apartments outside the airport (he's driving a black bmw 3. word). He's a Chinese-Indonesian whose grandparents moved to Indonesia. We talk on the drive back to the apartment about work and travel. Once we arrive, he gives me the keys and I chill in my room for a bit... Until my Semarang friend Aulia (IG: @auliadwian) tells me to come meet her, her friend, and her boyfriend and his friends at SImpang Lima - the town square of Semarang. They order a Go-Jek for me (it's like an uber but it's a motorbike instead of a car), and I zoom over to meet them. I hang out with Aulia and her friend from elementary school Tasya (IG: @hannalili_). Aulia and I eat some dinner with Tasya at a food stall near the square and then we go chill with her boyfriend (IG: @fajarshermawan) and his friends at the basketball courts. We just sit in a circle and talk about traveling, Indonesian culture, school, and music. These guys are all musicians or artists, which is really cool. They all live in a house together and make funny videos at IG: @kocok_kocak

At this point I'm tired, so I grab a Go-Jek back to my apartment (who gets lost for a bit until I Google Maps navigate for him) and then get some rest.