Friday, 22 January // Masjid Agung, Lawang Sewu, Aulia's House

I had breakfast at my hotel (the hotel, it's kinda basic but it's ok I think) and then Aulia and her boyfriend came by my hotel to pick me up on their motorbikes. Me and Aulia went to the Masjid Agung - a massive mosque in the style after the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (the I think second mosque set up, by the prophet Muhammad) in Medina. It was REALLY hot, I couldn't stop sweating, so we climbed the nearby tower (Menara Asmaul Husna) measures 99 meters tall for 99 attributes of allah. We took an elevator to the top to enjoy some cool breeze and take some shade. It had views over the whole city of Semarang, stretching from the port by the water to the mountain Ungaran. 

We leave the Mosque compound to go to a famous building of Dutch architecture called Lawang Sewu. It's known as "Thousand Doors". I think it's like an old train maintenance or headquarters station, but it's been renovated so many times now it's really just an architectural and economic museum representing the colonial past of Semarang. It's still hot and I'm still sweating but we take our time walking through and by the time we finish the air is starting to cool off (much better).

We then go to Aulia's family home in Semarang, where I meet her family. The home is quite large, with a covered garage area in the front for the motorbikes and car, a water pool to the right of the entrance, and a sitting area in front. The inside of the home has a living room at the entrance, a television/family room with a mattress and a desk and a tv right next to it separated by a curtain, and there is a bathroom and a kitchen in the back. The family is really nice and welcoming and gives me some cold tea to help me cool down. We have some bakso from a street vendor in the front of the home while chatting. And then Aulia drops me off at home and I get some rest :)

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