Monday, 25 January // Daytime Malioboro Street and the worst movie ever

I meet with my friend Nura (IG: @nuranuryoto) at my hotel. She is tallish and thin and quiet with a relaxed manner; she wore a short dress and thick DC sneakers. She doesn't skate though. We walk to the Malioboro Mall to have some coffee at this shop called Excelso. I ordered an iced coffee. She ordered a sugary cold coffee drink. I was hungry so I ordered this weird dutch (I think) food called Macaroni Schotel and I almost threw up lol it was disgusting. It was like macaroni and cheese but the cheese was weird. I think they mixed mashed potatoes in with the cheese. The top was fried and had a thick goopy layer of tasteless cheese. Don't get this lol. Anyway, I finished it. After we finished our drinks we walked around a bit and then checked out some tourist shops on Malioboro street.

Some random guy on the street is like COME LOOK AT OUR BLABLABLA and I'm like lol ya sure. It turns out its an art gallery on the second floor of one of the shops on malioboro. Quick side note: earlier in the day this really fat man came running up to me in one of the sketchy side alleys. He's like, "are u alone?". First words out of his mouth I swear to god. So obviously I'm sketched out. And he's begging me to go on a 15-minute ride with him ON HIS MOTORBIKE to who knows where to see his art at an art gallery nearby. For obvious reasons I'm like nah bro no chance. So anyway I'm up in this art gallery and it's this plump old man who is an artist showing me and Nura his works. The place is practically littered with stuff. On the other hand the works are actually quite nice, done by him and students from across Indonesia, and can be washed without damaging them but cannot be covered by glass. He explained why but it didn't make any sense. The earlier guy who had ushered us into the shop brought us tea and sugar (which I really didn't want lol but he insisted to leave it on the table). So this plump old guy explains about the gallery and notes that it moves to Sumatra from Jogja the following day... Which is exactly what the fat creepy man earlier in the day had said. Maybe I shouldn't be so suspicious all the time.

well, I'm sleepy so Nura and I go back to my apartment so she can work on her thesis and I can nap until my plans to go to the movies with my other friend Intan (IG: @balibodyxx) but anyway she's like the worst scheduler and it ends up we go to a theater close to Nura's house so I share Nura's taxi and she waits with me until Intan shows up. So I meet Intan and her donuts from dunkin inside (I was really excited for these donuts), and we get the tickets (they're like $3 each - we're watching the 5th wave, but it's really not worth talking about because it's terrible). We bring the donuts into the theater and while we're eating them during previews she tells me she's 17 -- she's actually the same age as my younger brother so it's like having a little sister in Indonesia now. After the movie finishes at about 11 we both make fun of it and she brings me to this restaurant where we get some pasta on the balcony overlooking rice paddies. They're playing American music, and there are a lot of Australian bule in the downstairs. The pasta is fine. She sees some creepy ghosts in all white walking on abandoned roads behind a stand of trees beyond the empty rice paddies. There's only one taxi on the taxi app of Jogja (saytaxi); I don't want to be stuck by these sketchy rice paddies alone. We share it to a part of town where there are more free ones available. I grab a different taxi and head home to sleep.

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