Tuesday, 26 January // Cube Hotel Pool + Yellow Hair

This afternoon I took a taxi downtown to meet up with Cindy (IG: @shinshen24). We planned to meet at the Cube Hotel, where we would have some lunch and go swimming at the rooftop lounge. She's like wearing heels haha idk why since we're going swimming, but apart from that she's laid back and quite nice and she's talkative as well. There's no staff at the rooftop lounge, so I use the hotel's phone to call down to the front office to ask for staff. I try ordering a strawberry smoothie but they're out of milk or strawberries or something normal. I end up with a watermelon juice and she gets an iced lemon tea and adds like 30g of sugar syrup. For food I order fish and chips, fusilli carbonara (served with beef because muslims), and vegetable spring rolls. Pretty good meal. After we eat we change into our swimwear and jump into the pool (since the water is a bit cold you can't go in slowly).

In the water we just relax in the sunlight and chat. I jump in a few times and clamber up onto the sides to check out the view beyond the railings. We hear the call to prayer. After more than an hour and a half we tire of the pool and shower off in the bathrooms and change into street clothes.

I decide I want to dye my hair so we taxi to the Galeria mall. She explains to the stylist the color I want and he starts this long process of like making my head hurt. Also idk why but my stomach was hurting really bad at this point - it sort of started after lunch - and I kept getting stomach cramps. I felt really like not good lol definitely looking forward to getting home.

Anyway after the mall we go back to my place so she can work on her thesis and I can wait for Nura to come by so we can get dinner. And then Nura arrives and won't come inside? Because apparently they know each other hahaha. And then I tell Cindy to go outside and they end up talking for like 2.5 hours and then Nura goes over to Cindy's to sleep and I lay in bed with a stomachache lol goodnight.

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