Saturday, 30 January // Part I


This morning Josh and I walked through the Botanical Gardens through to Orchard Road. It was really warm. We both were sweating before we even reached the gardens, which is a short 20-minute walk from his home. The gardens were beautiful and a bit crowded because it's the weekend. A lot of white people and a lot of Chinese. It was clearly designed gardens (not like Central Park - designed to look undesigned in some way) with separated areas for different flora types and little plaques describing the trees or notable locations.

We got some ice cream once we left. The hawker cuts off a rectangle and lays it between two wafers - like a sandwich. It was too frozen at first but gradually melted. Not the best ice cream, but the cold sandwich tasted so good amid the head of the day. We saw a modern design and art gallery during our walk to the train; Josh, knowing I like art, suggested we stop in. It was cool. Very modern design with a cafe on the lower level and a lot of pieces by a French artist. You could see his style mature and develop over the years of his work. The furniture upstairs was rad as well.

We stop at a food mall and get hainanese chicken rice. A bit like cha siu fan but chicken instead of pork. A bent-over old man with fat teeth that hang out a drooping face pasted with a crooked smile collects the empty plates. We finally take the train to Dhoby Ghaut to see the National Museum. There's a photo exhibition that I had previously seen in Montreal; it was nice to review it five months later and reinterpret the pieces given my new perspective. 

There's a presentation on Chinese New Year: the traditions that still exist or those taboos that you cannot perform during the period (no cleaning! but if you have to, sweep from outside to inside lol). The speaker performs a watercolor art demonstration to close. And then we leave the museum.

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