Saturday, 30 January // Part II


From the National Museum, we grab a quick bus to Clarke Quay. It's a famous nightlife area of Singapore. We were there during the day. It's quaint and on the water with small buildings and pretty girls. There's massive overhangs to protect from sun and rain. Good thinking.

We walk to Chinatown, close by. It's very warm and crowded. More than the usual number of Chinese people milling around. We get sugarcane juice and chill out. Then grab some free street snacks and some CNY jerky. We have to meet Josh's friends for dinner so we take the metro to Marina Bay Sands, look through the mall, and check out the view of the waterfront. We're meeting his girlfriend and her friend. They're both really funny. We go to the Gardens by the Bay - it's like a luxury hawker centre - and get sate and laksa and chicken wings and more sugarcane juice. Josh's girlfriend sometimes translates for me, sometimes I follow along with their chinese, sometimes I just enjoy the view. 

We go to this shopping mall after to get llaollao. frozen yogurt. It's supposed to be famous for how sour it is. It's really sour and really good - my face squeezes up each bite.

We're all tired so we commute home.

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