I fly to Jakarta in the morning...

A bit nervous. Preparing all my things yesterday and today. I just booked my hotel at the lovely Kosenda Hotel in Jakarta - really excited to check out my room.

I bought some Common Projects the other day. They're beautiful. I dropped by Nordstrom to pick up this Jason Markk shoe product called Repel that's supposed to prevent your fresh sneaks from getting dirty, so I've been coating them in a layer of protection. I just washed my PF Flyers as well. And I picked up some Calvin Klein t-shirts from the Nordstrom as well - they're sooo comfortable. 

Anyway, here are some photos of what I'm up to today ... quiet day. I remember now that I need to go to a Best Buy or Office Max or something to get some Moleskine journals for my trip to Indonesia (I'll be there until the end of February!) and power converters as well so I can keep my devices charged! Hopefully I get everything organized. I went to the dentist and the bank earlier today to get my teeth cleaned and manage some finances. 

My flight is 30 hours long. Guess I'll have a long time to relax and watch some movies - hope my TV works!