After almost 36 hours of cars, planes, taxis, and transiting: I'm finally at my hotel!

Whew! Long flight guys. I had layovers in LAX and Tokyo/Narita airports in between 8-11 hour flights. Crazy shit. Anyway, I'm at my hotel now in Jakarta and it's so nice. Super fresh midcentury design with modern technology. It has a crazy old phone as well. I took a bunch of pictures of my room so you all could see. I also brought a baseball (you can see it in the photo of the chair) that I picked up at the airport in Miami. Marlins is the baseball team I think. 

It's almost 4am at this point so I'm going to keep this post pretty short. Hopefully my jetlag isn't terrible... but it's already shaping up pretty badly. Also I just heard a rooster ???

Hope you all are having a nice start to your weekend!