Sydney (always sunny in sydney)


I studied with Sabrina Xu in Copenhagen at CBS like two years ago. She crashed at my apartment in New York and I tourguided her last year. So I crashed at her family home in Sydney and she studied for the GMAT this year. Her mom is a cute lady with a lot of attitude. I was doing my laundry. She asked if I was going to take it in from the drying racks before I went to sleep or after I woke up. I said, "I hadn't thought about it, should I do it before I sleep?" .... and she literally says: "I don't care! Do whatever you want!". Right, got it.

Sabrina lives in like a Chinese suburb, so all the shops on the walk to the train are Chinese restaurants. Also (side note) if 2% of China immigrates to Australia, the population of the continent would more than double from 23 million to about 50 million. Theoretically, China could take over Australia pretty easily. 

One day I went to Circular Quay which abuts the famous (Danish-designed) Sydney Opera House and the also-famous (British-designed, American-inspired) Sydney Harbour Bridge ... which is currently the world's 3rd widest long-span bridge after the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver and the new Bay Bridge in Cali (the one that goes from SF-Oakland).

Anyway I had some tacos and jarritos mandarin (literally if you haven't tried it yet, stop reading and go get some right now) and then took a nap in the shade under the museum of contemporary art, which was housing a exhibit by Grayson Perry, who is known for being a provocative cross-dressing and extremely accessible artist that makes art fun instead of confusing. As I nap the clouds above me become enormously large like psychadelic puffs of translucent cotton candy then split apart as an invisible child at the sky festival begins to celebrate her Chinese New Year (恭禧發財!) by tearing apart her dry and airy dragons breath and then floating away into another daydream. 

Look up the following words for cool art:

  • Woodblock design
  • Jilamara based on mulypinyi pwanga using the pwoja

Also Tom Rakewell is a working class guy who gets rich and then dies because he can't stop drinking and then he goes crazy and loses his wife and dies or something. Good thing we have the pharma industry now

Finally, I was at this bar called El Loco that my friend Aggie recommended and I went outside to have a cigarette (actually to look for someone with a lighter because not keeping a lighter with me is part of my path to quitting). So I see this lady smoking so I'm like hi miss lady can I borrow a lighter please? "Yeah sure I was just taking a photo of this spider that just bit me". And I look over and there's this massive spider so I freak out but keep it cool with a "ohhhh sh that's big af it bit you???" .... and she's like yeah I think it bit me because I was smoking and my hand was on the tree and I felt something and then I saw the spider and now my wrist hurts and it looks like a spider bite. So obviously I'm like lady you should probably see a doctor and she's like yeah I guess. but anyways she's telling me about her son who's in America on holiday and then about her husband somehow and then she's like o yeah he's the first Australian to be in the NBA and he played with Michael Jordan and won three championship rings. And I was like wait WHAT? and she's like yep Luc Longley look him up. How mental is that ? That's like meeting the Australian version of Michael Jordan's wife outside a weird mexican bar.

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