Canggu, Bali - literally middle of nowhere lol


Yeah so we had the weirdest villa/homestay situation in the middle of nowhere with LITERALLY SO MANY SPIDERS IN THE BATHROOM. Made using the toilet really scary. The weather the first few days in Bali is not good. It's rainy season so ... yeah. just raining all the time. And yeah these two guys stole all my things from the beach. Unfortunately, that means less photos to share with you guys. On the bright side I can spend more time looking around instead of with my face firmly planted in front of instagram haha. 

We visited to Tanah Lot, a famous tourist destination with a Hindu temple (Bali is mostly Hindu) in the middle of the sea. Super cool. Also there are sooo many foreigners here, I couldn't take it anymore... so I commandeered the motorbike and drove up up up into somewhere that was nice and rural with not so many people. Nice :)


Bali Canggu Ricefield
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