The Ultimate Guide to Getting All Your Things Stolen in Bali


So all my things were stolen like two days ago and I'm chugging around with no phones etc gimme a break on the instagram for a minute please

I'll skip the formalities and just list out the key steps to getting your stuff stolen

  1. Go to Bali with someone you barely know
  2. Go to the sketchiest beach possible during shitty weather / rainstorm
  3. While at the beach, notice two SUPER sketch looking kids staring at you
  4. Then leave your bag directly next to friend's bag
  5. Your friend is standing close to the bags, so you decide to go swim
  6. Come back

Ta-da! Like magic, your bag, your wallet, your iPhone, your Android phone, etc, etc etc, will all be missing :) 

To be serious though, it's really annoying but the thing I'm most upset about is that I lost my iPhone case (which was a gift), some polaroid pictures of friends that meant a lot to me, and the sunglasses that my dad gave me for Christmas. 

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