5 Days Left :(


Getting ready to ditch Indonesia in a few days... going to miss all my wonderful friends and cool people that I met here. 

Since my phone was stolen I don't have a huge amount of photos to post. Anyway, here's a quick update on my weird life since last Monday.

  • Moved into (lol) also ratchet guesthouse in Kuta Beach area called Segara Sadhu. Thankfully no spiders in the bathroom but this time there was no aircon in the bedroom so I spent like 5 days sweating. 
  • Met up with the friends of Magda from Jakarta! They were SO cool loved these guys check it out below for some rad snaps of us being mad goofy wkwk. They were here for a few days and now they're back in Jakarta :( Maybe going to Korea or Taiwan with them next year though!
  • Went to heaps of beaches and sweat my way around Bali
  • Met these two DOPE Australian girls from Melbourne and chilled with them at their pool (happy birthday Shab!!! Sorry I can't make it to the club tonight x. go wish her happy birthday @shabsanaie) ... and then got really sunburnt so my face is peeling again lol (which my mom warned me about because my dad is getting some skin cancers :/ he's ok though alhamdullilah) 
  • I ditched Magda (lol sorry) and moved to a nice hotel in Legian with my model homie Yolitaeka Sapta (say that five times fast hah) - (IG: @yolitaekasapta - go follow her!)
  • Maybe going back to Jakarta soon :) 
  • Going back to Florida on 25th! 
  • and then back to NYC on 29th actually, so getting back a bit earlier than expected :) 

See you soon! 

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