yoli sapta is back to reality


One of my best friends from Indonesia, Yoli (@yolitaekasapta), came to visit me in Bali! She is from Bandung - the city I visited with Fia (@lutfiarmdhn) - and she is awesome. I met her through my friend Reza (@rezaajie). As a popular Indonesian/Chinese model in Bandung, she has done loads of work with local brands. She loves clothing so much that she actually designs her own pieces, selects the materials, and works with a tailor to individually manufacture them.

I think it's enough of my voice on this blog for now.

Speaking to Yoli Sapta about life, friendship, travel, fashion, and modeling in the days after her trip to Bali:

Sacco: You’re working to get your modeling career off the ground. How has that been going?
Oh yeah so modelling is actually my passion lemme say (even tho I'm taking an English Literature program in university) so I work on it but for now I can say that modelling is still like my side job knowing that I'm still studying in university... but it's fun tho because you don't have to be like... coming to your office and dress neatly from 8am til 5pm, usually I work on the weekend because doing photoshoot is like always taking so much time (makeup, direction etc etc) and if it's catwalk, they usually held it on weekend too so yeah it don't disturb your study. It's nice to do your passion without having to quit your study lol so far I'm enjoying this.

I know that you design some of your clothes and work with a tailor to manufacture them. What drove you to pursue fashion design as well as modeling?
Ya I do! Well haha it's quite close yeah because modelling is still a part of fashion design. What drove me to pursue fashion design as well as modelling is yeah modelling is my passion, but I like fashion as well. Fashion design is having more personality to me I think because I love to pick some cute clothes (to be worn by me ofc) and feeling like so happy to look good with them and sometimes the design that you have in your mind isn't always available in store right? So I became like very emotional to draw it and give it to a tailor (can't sew lol) and just tada! I have this to fill my wardrobe. It's basically more like hobby than passion because I don't want to be a fashion designer, but I want to be a model so it's like different purpose to me.

How do you feel that growing up in Bandung has influenced your perspective on global fashion trends?
I have this feeling that most of Bandung people love to dress as well including me lol but here we still like dress more politely, not really wear something very short because of our eastern culture, instead we added something more to look polite but still fashionable somehow. Cool I found it's more challenging so that we can think more creatively on how to dress up. The other factor is because since I was a kid, Bandung is also said as a fashion city because there are so many like indie clothing owned by these young talented Bandung people which competing with even worldwide clothing trends so always like want something new to be introduced to other people especially to fashionistas.

What do you think of Bali?
HAHA BALI IS AMAZING!!! Bali has this ability to make people always want to come back even tho the weather is so freakin hot (never feeling pretty and fresh here cause I'm sweating a lot). Everyday in Bali is a holiday! I feel like getting rid from the whole frustating stuff in Bandung for 4 days I stay here with Michael and the day we must go back I was like "welcome back to reality" lol. Bali is also a romantic place so it's perfect if you come with your lover (it's okay if you come alone!!! Maybe you can get one here lol:p) but since Bali is popular for tourist destination means the living cost here is way more expensive. For example in my hometown, Bandung, we can get nice meals in a cute café under 50k but here maybe we can get some for around 50k up above. And anyway it was wonderful to spend weekend with you Michael!:p

Indonesian culture has been influenced a lot by Western media and lifestyle - your favorite artist is Taylor Swift and you love pancakes and cute cafes. How do you envision the future of Indonesian culture as it continues to mix with other cultures?
(WHAT A HARD QUESTION MIKEEE!!!) but yeah anyway so true!!! Even I can't deny that I got influenced by it a lot! I think we cannot seem to avoid other cultures that always be like "comin in" to Indonesia but then for me, why not? Since we can learn that this world has so many culture. But is doesn't mean that we can get completely influenced by those cultures, it's not cool. We have our own culture which is cool for me and teaches our life a lot-that what makes we will stand by our own culture and I think we'll never loose it somehow.

You can see more photos featuring Yoli on her Instagram, at @yolitaekasapta