Whoooops so I was busy in Melbourne


My hostel was nice but lowkey ratchet had to share my room with 5 other guys (actually it was 4 girls and my new friend Beth who's dope). Also the wifi sucked so .. sorry.

Anyway Melb was chill super sunny great weather got a chance to rock my Common Projects (lol finally had an opportunity to wear them and was getting compliments out the ass thanks fam).

Everyone in Melbourne sounds like the dentist from Finding Nemo. Major bias against Australians I had to overcome real fast thanks to Disney.

Melbourne is like Tel Aviv but more people (4 million I think), everything in English, and better weather in a way (less sweaty). Also I might be a leper because I got one match on tinder. Maybe I should just write that I'm looking to have fun instead of writing that I'm looking for an exploration partner ;) Jk I'm gross.

I stopped being sick halfway through but then got sick again and also got sunburnt really bad and then went to the beach the next day so now I'm dying.

Oh yeah I'm in Sydney now it's great. Going to Bali on Wednesday I think ?

Recommended places to visit in Melbourne:

  • Habitat HQ (my hostel in St Kilda in Melbourne! they were nice and I had only one smelly roommate but I made a lot of friends. It was quite big so be social otherwise you're outta luck)
  • Mr. Mister (DOPE cafe in Chapel Street- full of cool shops and fashionable people and places to waste your money. Mean avocado toast with chorizo and eggs.)
  • St. Kilda Beach (literally was here 60% of the time I was outside)
  • You can sneak onto some carparks and rooftops in the cbd so I highly recommend doing that if you want some sneaky lowkey rooftop pics
  • Trunk (good italian place with an italian and a turkish chef so you can have normal pizza or weird pizza. I had normal pizza and a tasty pear/rocket/parmigiano salad. and wine).

Here are some pics from my time there:

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