"I'm always right"

...Is not such a great attitude. You came up with your ideas, so it's easy to think that they're right. But you probably don't have all the information, or maybe you skipped a step when you were thinking through the logic. 

This isn't to say that you're always wrong, either. Maybe you're never wrong. But if you're open to being wrong, it makes it harder to be. You'll challenge your assumptions earlier and rethink your analysis more deeply if someone says you might be on the wrong track.

Also, here's a free Lightroom preset :) This free low-saturation preset for Lightroom features a clean, crisp look with a slight matte. Try raising your exposure, lifting some shadows, and dropping the highlights if you have any problems with it, but I tested it with many photos and made a lot of adjustments to ensure that it will look great wherever you use it. Let me know if you find a situation where it doesn't work.