National Gallery of Art

Given the recent release of PokemonGo, I am otherwise entertained and this will be a short post. Please find below a series of photographs from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

As usual, I have a favorite (I usually don't tell you which. This time is no different). Try to figure out which photograph I like the most.

A curated selection of these photographs will be made available in my photography print shop.

I realized today that the entire world changed with the release of Pokemon Go. I hope that you recognize that this application now has (1) more users than Twitter, (2) about 30% of the users of LINE, which recently went public at a valuation over $1 billion, (3) drives substantial engagement among all of these users, and (4) influences user behavior directly (e.g. one real-life restaurant near a lot of pokemon - near a pokestop with a lure - saw a 75% increase in sales).

This popularity is not due to a radically new and different approach to Augmented Reality. This popularity is due to the strength of the Pokemon brand and the way in which this brand resonates with the average person. The developers of the Pokemon Go application had, for example, previously created a very similar game without the Pokemon branding -- Ingress. This game was by no means a flop. It was also not a widespread phenomenon. 

Despite this distinction, I predict that app and game makers will not sufficiently re-align their strategy in order to adapt to the insights driven by this new product.