photography, gallery hunting, and chelsea market

I met with my friend last week to crawl some galleries in the neighborhoods of Meatpacking and Chelsea in Manhattan. We met at the High Line Hotel - an historic boutique hotel in the neighborhood that offers a glimpse into the past of these old areas of the city. An industrial-chic cafe has taken up residence inside the lobby of the hotel and offered heating, snacks, and warm coffee as some refuge from the chilly and overcast day.

We got drinks and some warmed pastries, and then sat down on the outdoor gardens to take in the public as they went about their day. And then we were off to check out these galleries that we came for. 

The bustling streets yielded a few welcoming galleries, but we were surprised to find that almost all of the institutions for which we had made the trip were closed. After an hour or two hunting around, we called it. It was disappointing for both of us, but we reoriented and decided to stop by the Chelsea Market to grab some dinner. The Chelsea Market was a huge fad a few years ago, but recently has (thankfully) died down substantially. The massive building houses heaps of food stalls and boutique shops, presenting a warm (kinda hot) respite from the wind and cold outside. So it was crowded. As usual.

We ate at a Japanese-inspired Mexican food spot called Takumi Taco. It was good - super clean and healthy-tasting food... But it definitely missed the classic dirty/messy/savory elements of traditional American Mexican food. Instead, I would recommend grabbing some dessert at the local doughnut shop: Doughnuttery. Fresh out-of-the-oven (?how do you make these things anyway?) doughnuts made-to-order with delicious toppings to your tastes. Dope.

The past week I have been working on multiple shoots with different models that I'm working with. Really fun! You can check out the people that I worked with at @lostandfoundinnyc and @fatimalmanc.

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