Understanding what the International Standards Organization has to do with your camera's ISO speed

I let my friend borrow my camera and the ISO was switched to 20,000 when I got it back. ISO determines the level of sensitivity of your camera to light. High ISO means high sensitivity. High sensitivity means high noise. So all the photos below are quite noisy. I used some of my newly developed presets as a base to work on the photographs. As you can see, the style is quite different from my standard.

ISO is just the abbreviation for the International Standards Organization, which publishes and promotes international proprietary, commercial, and industrial standards. Most clothing companies follow ISO standards for their manufacturing processes. Even Netflix follows ISO standards for encryption and file formatting. The International Standards Organization originally published the standard ISO 12232:2006 for digital cameras in 1998. It promotes a standardized system for the determination of ISO speeds for digital still-cameras. And it was revised most recently in 2006. 

Also, my Lightroom presets are now less expensive. Starting at $2, from $19. Unfortunately, the photography prints are still the same price ($49 and up. Sorry fam).