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Look 1 coat/fsbn by new yorker. hoodie/alternative apparel. tee/hanes. long sleeve/all saints. trousers/vince. shoes/timberland.

Look 2 coat/richard chai. jumper/topman. tee/vince. shirt/h&m. jeans/zara. shoes/common projects

NYU Fashion (IG: @nyu.fashion) provides daily doses of fashion inspiration via high-quality content produced in-house by students and alumni of New York University, based out of lower Manhattan, NYC. The organization also works to present fashion shows and operate a platform where people related to NYU can share their creative vision with others. YouMe Lin (IG: @youmelin) founded the group to open up a greater dialogue around fashion at the university.. The photographs above were produced by one of NYU Fashion's partner photographers, Evelyn Rowell (IG: @evelynrowellphotography).

Evelyn sits inside the cafe where we're scheduled to meet for a photoshoot with the blog. She's reading a book. I thought I was early, so I was surprised to see her there. Usually I'm late. I start to walk inside as she's walking outside, and then I'm awkward af and ask if we can sit outside. She's laughing. It turns out I'm ten minutes early; she's just really early. Anyway, I'm proud that I'm not late. We chat for a few minutes. She went to Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and moved to the city after she graduated to pursue professional photography. YouMe arrives a few minutes later - she goes to NYU as well. YouMe is super friendly and tells me all about her inspirations for starting the blog. The rest of this post will contain my thoughts on the value of YouMe's fashion blog for students at NYU as well as the greater community outside of the university. 

The blog serves to highlight the latest trends and styles at New York University. There are other avenues to find similar content. Loads of street style blogs feature photographs from the Village, where NYU is located. But, this is the only street style blog without a personal slant focused on fashion in and around NYU. So for unique, unbiased features of NYU fashion - this blog is your spot. The team behind NYU Fashion runs the platform out of New York City, one of the critical fashion/clothing capitals, and New York University, an institution well known for its top fashion design, merchandising, retail, and marketing talent. Due to the location of the team, they have developed a close connection with the local community at NYU, the surrounding universities like Parsons, and the greater NYC community.

Due to their background and close community ties, the team presents a coherent story behind the fashion you will experience at and around NYU. But why do I really think you should keep up with the blog?

The fashion decisions you make every day are unconscious reflections of things that you have seen, heard, tasted, felt. You are interpreting your experiences and imputing those experiences onto the decisions you make all the time; in the context of fashion, (for most people) this is the clothes you wear every day. The fashion decisions you make are interpretations of that unconscious background noise. By reading and participating in NYU Fashion, the clothing, styles, and trends you see and talk about will be integrated into this unconscious background for the clothing choices you will make. 

In this way, you become part of NYU Fashion as you interpret these unconscious elements and impute them into your wardrobe. Whether or not you are physically at the NYU campus, you can join into the sense of living in the Village and participating in the NYU community through these fashion interpretations. And then the clothes, styles, and trends that you choose to present will provide microcosms of understanding and culture in reference to the differentiated histories and backgrounds of the NYU community.

Go look at the NYU Fashion blog now... and then understand, interpret, and wear what you see. Then become part of our culture :)