Why I like giving things away

It's purely selfish. It makes me happy to make your life better.

Watch this, I'm about to brag about how amazing I am. (Actually I just want you to be able to find everything in one spot. I know I added a lot of stuff recently so some of these things could be easy to miss).

  1. A collection of 18 free Lightroom presets. Just completely free Lightroom presets (as in beer), and without restrictions, so free as in speech as well.
  2. One more free Lightroom preset just as above
  3. Five free Lightroom presets, free (as in beer), but this time you need to subscribe to my newsletter (I'm being clever now. It's in the footer if you want them).
  4. And a free $10 off your first print, but again this time just free (as in beer) because you still need to subscribe (very cheeky, see above).

Selfish behavior is probably the same reason why a lot of other people give things away.

Perhaps charities would do well by acknowledging that giving is both selfish and impulsive?