CMP// VSCO-ish Presets for Lightroom

CMP// VSCO-ish Presets for Lightroom

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10 professional, fully adjustable, fully licensed Lightroom presets. Amazing value.

Presenting the CMP collection of Presets for Lightroom. Upgrade your photo game with fine-tuned saturation settings designed to bring out the best colors in any photograph and detailed luminance settings to get them to mix just right. This is a saucy, spicy, mixed up collection of misfit split-tones and tangled tone curves. And it'll help you out in a snap if your colors seem juuuuuust a little off. Perfect for impressing your neighborhood model or as a starting point for stunning portraits of people, plants, or the prettiest building you can find.

When I say spicy, I mean spicy. Be careful with these or you might start sweating.

Extended license automatically included. Fully adjustable.

This collection includes the following Adobe Lightroom Presets:

  • S - CMP01
  • S - CMP02
  • S - CMP03
  • S - CMP03--
  • S - CMP04
  • S - CMP05
  • S - CMP06
  • S - CMP07
  • S - CMP08
  • S - CMP09


This collection is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC, and mobile.


These Lightroom film presets were developed on Mac OS X in New York. 

The downloadable .zip file includes Installation Instructions as a .pdf for both Windows and Mac.

Hope you enjoy.

With love,